Comic Relief Parts 1 & 2! (Digital Download)

Lewd unicorn x dragon shenanigans.

Comic Relief Parts 1 and 2! By Braeburned!

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This digital download contains the entirety of the comic "Comic Relief"; both Part One and the long awaited Part Two! Along with the main comic pages in HD, it also includes an epilogue page, some exclusive full-page spreads, and some concept art too!

Comic Relief was drawn and written by Braeburned (me!), and follows Shining and an older (young adult) Spike as they stumble across some old comic books they used to read together, bond a little, and get a little messy. Then get a LOT messy.

This is a transformative adult work of fanart/fanfiction. Must by 18 or older to download. The download is in the form of a .zip file, so you may have trouble downloading it with mobile Apple devices.

(3/19/17 Update: Had to slightly decrease the quality of some of the less important images in order to meet Ejunkie size limits: if you'd like the full .PNGs of any of the .JPGs in the pack, just email me!)

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